Aglaonema Chinese evergreen plant is now days very famous and used to decorate different things. It can be used to decorate the home or you can decorate it in a mass to get a beautiful view. Different other varieties of this plant are also considered helpful in the field of medicine and are used in different medicines as medicinal herbs do.

Aglaonema Plant Benefits


This Chinese plant aglaonema improves the air quality indoors and it also filters air indoors and removes different dust particles like air pollutants and toxins. This great plant also emits oxygen and it will help to increase productivity and health it’s mostly used in offices and houses.

Furthermore, this plant is best to grow indoors and used for many other purposes listed here:

  • ground cover
  • mass planting
  • landscaping
  • container or above-ground planter

Care For Chinese Evergreen

Soil Conditions

This plant will survive very well in peat, sand, and perlite with a suitable potting mixture, and select a pot with a hole at the bottom to remove extra water.


Water when you feel that the top layer of the soil mixture is looking dry. For better conditions and safety use your finger to understand the conditions of potting mixture and water according to the needs, it will prevent overwatering.


A low light area with filtered sunlight is suitable, direct and bright light will burn the leaves of the plant. Choose any suitable area where it can get the optimum required amount of light.


Humidity level which is suitable for a common houseplant is better for that plant also and try any humidifier in case of low humidity conditions but I hope you will don’t face such problems.


No need to do cuttings of this plant but remove all the leaves which are not well or leaves whose color is turned yellow and it will empower your plant to grow more leaves.