• How To Grow And Care Calathea Musaica?

    Do you love growing calathea? If yes you will also love this plant known as Calathea Musaica. I love this plant because of its leaves, which are green in color and have light, dark, and [...]

I love gardening and I feel very happy to spend time in my garden while caring for my different flowering and other beautiful Plants there. I am sharing my years of experience regarding gardening here on growncares.

I am not just managing my garden and such activities but I have done masters in Horticulture. Our blog is having many different blog posts according to your need which are written by myself with a little help from my fellows and teachers. All these informations are to provide you best knowledge about all your needs regarding different gardening plants which will help you to grow up your garden in a more unique and better way.

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